Altinkum typically has an amazing 300 days of sunshine a year, with temperatures from May to September consistently above 25 C, and warm sea temperatures. See what the weather's like in Altinkum now with our great forecasts!

Altinkum weather today and forecast for the next few days - including wind speed and direction, perfect for planning your boat trip!
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The weather in Altinkum is among the most pleasant of all the European holiday resorts.
From May to October (the summer months) the weather is dry, hot and sunny, with low humidity and at most only a few days of rain per month - there is often no rain at all from June to September. The weather in May is usually in the high 20s Celsius, rising to the high 30s by July and peaking for a few weeks in August before slowly dropping back down again. Visitors are recommended to bring along a good supply of sunscreen, keep well hydrated and stay out of direct sunlight in the middle of the day so they can make the most of their holiday!
April is still a popular time for tourism. Although the weather can be more unpredictable, there is often a pleasing mixture of sunshine and showers; temperatures are in the lower 20s Celsius; and the surrounding countryside is green, lush and carpeted in beautiful meadow flowers.
November to March (winter) is Altinkum's wet season - though sometimes not as wet as the reservoirs would like it to be! The weather is generally still comfortable during the day - Altinkum rarely has cold weather and sun is just as likely to be seen as rain. Well-prepared visitors will be pleased they packed their layers, a waterproof, and training shoes as well as their sandals though - at this time of year there can be four seasons in one day!